GSK Endometrial Cancer Symposium Overview

ESGO 2020 – December 14-16, 2020 – Virtual

Symposium date and time: Monday, December 14 13.45 to 14.45

Proposed Title:

Advanced Endometrial Cancer: Are We Entering an Age of Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor-based Therapy?


Susana Banerjee, MBBS, MA, PhD, FRCP (Chair): Institute of Cancer Research, London UK

Frederik Marmé, MD, PhD: Universität Heidelberg, Germany

Christoph Grimm, MD: Medical University of Vienna, Austria


Symposium Objectives:

  • To explore molecular characterization and the use of biomarker testing in endometrial cancer
  • To review the rationale for evaluation of checkpoint inhibitors in the treatment of advanced or recurrent dMMR and MMRp endometrial cancer
  • To increase awareness of current and upcoming clinical data on the role of immunotherapy in advanced or recurrent endometrial cancer
  • To discuss the advantages and disadvantages of upcoming treatment approaches and appropriate patient selection


Proposed Symposium Overview:

Presentation 1 (Chair)

  • Molecular characterization and biomarker testing in EC
    • Unmet need in EC (current SOC chemotherapy)
    • MSI and TMB – describe each biomarker and how it is measured
    • Need for different strategies in dMMR and MMRp
    • Rationale for IO/checkpoint inhibitors


Presentation 2 (Speaker 2)

  • Brief overview of treatment approaches in development for dMMR EC patients
    • IO monotherapy (dostarlimab, pembrolizumab, avelumab)
  • Considerations associated with various IO therapies and vs chemotherapy SOC, including safety, PRO


Presentation 3 (Speaker 3)

  • Brief overview of treatment approaches in development for MMRp EC patients
    • IO monotherapy (dostarlimab, pembrolizumab, avelumab)
    • VEGF + IO (lenvatinib + pembrolizumab, cabozantinib + nivolumab)
    • AI + CDKi (letrozole + palbociclib [NGOT-EN3/NSGO-PALEO study])
    • PARPi + IO (talazoparib + avelumab)
    • Chemotherapy + IO (phase 3 trials in progress: pembrolizumab + chemotherapy, atezolizumab + chemotherapy, dostarlimab + chemotherapy [RUBY])
  • Considerations associated with SOC chemotherapy vs IO monotherapy and vs other new potential combination therapies, including safety, PRO (if available)


Panel discussion (Chair & speakers)

  • Debate style: pros and cons and opportunities of upcoming treatment approaches and identification of patient types who they may benefit
    • Include prompts/questions
      • What hurdles do you face, eg, are there challenges with testing?
      • Are there particular treatments that are more relevant to certain histological subtypes?
      • Are there other treatments that are promising beyond IO?
    • Address audience questions in discussant format


Proposed Agenda:

5 minutes                         Welcome and Introduction (Chair)

10 minutes                       Molecular Characterization of EC (Chair)

15 minutes                       Advanced/recurrent dMMR EC Treatment Considerations  (Speaker 1)

15 minutes                       Advanced/recurrent MMRp EC Treatment Considerations  (Speaker 2)

15 minutes                       Panel Discussion/Polling (Chair & Speakers)