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Dear colleagues and friends,

Following the success of ESGO’s international meetings, and in the spirit of ESGO’s mission and objectives in education, ESGO organises an educational conference to take place in the year that falls between our biennial European Congresses on Gynaecological Oncology. This event is the ´ESGO State of the Art Conference’ and it emphasises post-graduate education and focuses on specific topics in gynaecological cancer treatment and care.

It is a great pleasure to present the fourth ESGO State of the Art Conference. It will be held 14 - 16 December, 2020, in Copenhagen, Denmark, and will focus on the presentation and discussion of guidelines and standard operational procedures that ESGO has developed for the treatment of gynaecological malignancies.

In recent years, ESGO has put great effort into the development of guidelines and standard operational procedures for the surgical and systemic management of gynaecological malignancies, in collaboration with respective societies devoted to each tumour site. Within our community, we have set quality standards to improve and homogenise surgical care across Europe and integrate it with the latest systemic and radiotherapeutic advances in order to achieve the best patient outcomes. In 2020, we will present these guidelines and discuss them under the perspective of current controversies, challenges, and limitations.

We will also discuss and present the clinical trial landscape via our collaboration with ENGOT (the European Network of Gynaecological Oncological Trial Groups). The event’s unique and innovative session format will enhance participant interactions. Each session will open by setting up a case followed by a keynote lecture that will then be further debated by a panel of experts, key opinion leaders in their field, to present evidence and discuss therapeutic approaches and recent advances.

The conference topics are of great interest to gynaecological surgeons, medical and radiation oncologists, pathologists, and general gynaecologists. In addition to the distinguished faculty, we anticipate 800–1,000 delegates from a broad range of disciplines will attend this conference.

This meeting provides an excellent opportunity to highlight to physicians, medical societies and governments the importance of improving research and treatment of gynaecological cancers, to improve management of gynaecological malignancies and to identify innovative therapies which remain a social responsibility for our society.

We invite you to attend the ESGO State of the Art Conference 2020.

Yours sincerely,

Mansoor Raza Mirza & Christina Fotopoulou

ESGO SoA Conference 2020 Chairs

Denis Querleu

ESGO President 2017-2019

Phillippe Morice

ESGO President 2019-2021